Finally, a Relaxing Outdoor Space

Create The Perfect Space for Relaxing or Entertaining

Wisconsin Landscaping ParadiseWhy have a yard of grass and trees when you can have it be an extension of your home? Loomis Landscaping specializes in making Milwaukee area homes more valuable and functional through building gorgeous, durable, and cost-effective outdoor living spaces. Enjoy your piece of Wisconsin land with a new or renovated outdoor living space from Loomis Landscaping.

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Whether you’re looking for an elaborate patio with multiple levels and an outdoor kitchen or a simple paver patio to put your outdoor furniture on, Loomis Landscaping does it all. Because our business is based on the needs of our clients, we design and build your outdoor living space exactly how you want it. Our free landscape consultations are always in person; this is how we get a true feel for exactly what you want. We’ll show you our preliminary plan and get right to the landscape design phase.

Hardscaping Structural Ideas

The sky’s the limit with outdoor living space design options, giving you the freedom to shape and improve your backyard. Our Milwaukee hardscaping designers offer a variety of structural ideas that will drastically change the way you use the extra space.

Take advantage of Loomis’ outdoor living installments, including:

We provide differing materials, changing the look and feel of each backyard structure. Maximize the value of your home by choosing the right hardscaping foundation.

Milwaukee outdoor kitchen, grill, and fire pit installation services are offered in the three basic types of material:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Natural stone

Each addition has its own features, catering to your unique lifestyle. If you enjoy cooking for family and friends, perhaps an outdoor kitchen and grill will be put to good use. Outdoor fire pits or fireplaces are perfect for cozying up in the backyard on a cool summer evening. Whatever the use, Loomis Landscaping builds outstanding outdoor structures, capable of making the neighbors really jealous.

Improving your Backyard with Water Features

Adding the serene sound of a waterfall or stream gives your backyard a natural edge, offering a peaceful place to relax after a long day. Loomis supplies the very best water design and installation services, giving you the added benefit of taking part in the process. Let us transform your property into a dream come true, destined to make your backyard all the more spectacular.

Water features we provide include:

  • StreamsOutdoor Kitchen Milwaukee
  • Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls

Our water features can be designed with the three common types of materials:

  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  • Concrete

Shedding Some Light on Patio Lighting

Outdoor lighting drastically changes the mood of the living space, especially when it’s strategically placed. When the sun goes down, your patio or outdoor kitchen comes to life in a whole different way. Our outdoor lighting experts will guide you towards the best choice for your backyard structure shape and usage.

Lighting can be placed virtually anywhere you want to accent a feature or need it to see in the dark. Planning to entertain and cookout in the evening? Our patio lighting designers are full of ideas, accommodating every detail most important to you.

 Lighten up the party with our suggested outdoor lighting spots:

Design Your Personal Outdoor Paradise

Our design process is simple and once we have the 3D walkthrough completed, we can show you what your outdoor paradise will look like. If there’s something you’re not satisfied with the design, we have the capability to change it right away, during our meeting.

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Our experienced and courteous customer service and design staff will guide you through the process of picking out the exact materials, locations, dimensions, and every aspect of your soon-to-be oasis. Your space will be the perfect multi-functional area. With our additional lawn mowing, aeration, garden design services, your Milwaukee outdoor living area will be a place for relaxation, entertaining, and family fun. 

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