Uniquely Designed Outdoor Fire Pits for Wisconsin Homes

Keeping Warm Under the Starsoutdoor fire pit for Wisconsin residents

Picture snuggling up outside on a cool summer night around a fire pit, feeling the warmth of the flames as you gaze up at the starry night sky. You grab a glass of wine from your outdoor kitchen space, and enjoy friendly conversation around the fire.

Have we sold you yet?

Loomis Landscaping in Waterford provides fire pit design and installation services, tailored to fit your vision, property space, and budget. Whether you want a traditional red brick model or a modern-looking octagon fire pit, we cover all and in-between. Our designers work with you in building the fire pit of your dreams.


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Where to Install the Fire Pit

Fire pits are typically found in the backyard, hidden from nosy neighbors and street traffic. The backyard can be designed as your own sanctuary, offering peace and quiet from the bustling outside world. Have fun entertaining friends and family by your backyard fire pit; make your home the best place to party.

However, the front yard might be a suitable option, inviting others for conversation and fellowship. There are even some homeowners adding fire pits to their side yards if they have enough space. Whatever your decision, make sure the pit is exactly where you want.

Just remember, you want your fire pit to be safe. Local ordinances may require your fire pit be located a certain distance away from your home and other structures. Our landscapers will help you select an ideal spot. For more information, view the Wisconsin fire pit rules & regulations for cities in southeast Wisconsin

Styles that Suit Your Unique Taste

What style describes your living space? Do you prefer intricate rustic elements or modern clean lines? Openness or privacy? The answers to these questions will make finding the right design easy.

We create the perfect fire pit, all framed by your desired style and usage. Match the theme of your home, or go outside the box with a different idea.

Choose from three basic style themes:  

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Rustic

Materials in Shaping the Design

Loomis Landscaping offers quality materials for hardscaping projects, such as outdoor fireplaces, walkwaysretaining walls, and patios. Funneling down from the selected theme, the next important decision is determining the type of material used.

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Select from our superior selection of pavers:

  • Brick- versatile in shape and design and will not fade over time
  • Concrete- best for colorful applications and resists fading
  • Natural stone- most attractive and withstands harsh Wisconsin winters

Our experts will help you select the right materials to match your theme.

Intricate Shapes for Any Outdoor Fire Pit

After choosing the theme and material, consider your shape options if you selected brick or concrete. The design is different with every shape, drastically changing the characteristic of your outdoor fire pit. Each brick or concrete shape also determines the pattern of the entire layout.

Some of the offered shapes include:

  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Octagon

Our fire pit designers work with your vision, offering expert advice correlated with a variety of other outdoor services. When searching for hardscape services, lawn mowing, quality patio installation, or breathtaking perennial planting, look to us for perfecting your property. Bring out your lawn’s best with Loomis Landscaping.

Get a free cost estimate & landscaping consultation for a custom fire pit from Loomis Landscaping.
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