Outdoor Fireplaces for Wisconsin Homeowners

Keep Your Patio Warm in All Winter Weather

Outdoor Fireplace in WisconsinFireplaces aren’t just for indoors anymore. Outdoor fireplaces are growing in popularity, especially in Wisconsin. They provide warmth, light, and value to the outdoor areas of your home. Loomis Landscaping designs and installs outdoor fireplaces at homes across southeastern Wisconsin.

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The designers of Loomis Landscaping have created many custom patio fireplaces. Outdoor fireplace styles include brick and stone to best match your patio area.

How Is An Outdoor Fireplace Different from a Fire Pit?

An outdoor fireplace will have a chimney and fume to direct smoke. Fire pits may be open or have a cover but do not have a chimney or fume.

Outdoor fireplaces can burn:

  • Wood
  • Charcoal
  • Propane

A fire pit is another way to add warm and atmosphere to your home. First, check out local Wisconsin fire pit use rules and regulations here to be sure you can have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Food Cooking in Outdoor FireplaceHave Fun with an Outdoor Fireplace

Host parties on your patio without worrying about guests getting cold when the sun goes down. Your outdoor fireplace will keep the party illuminated and warm.

While you might not be able to cook a full meal, a fireplace is perfect for roasting marshmallows or roast chestnuts. Gather around the flames with friends and family as you enjoy a BBQ or grilled meal.

Enhance Your Whole Yard with a Loomis Landscaping

Outdoor fireplaces must be placed a certain distance away from your house and your neighboring property lines. Our landscapers will help you determine a safe and convenient location for your fireplace.

If your yard requires a retaining wall, adding an outdoor fireplace will help disguise the wall as part of the fireplace. A low retaining wall can create stone seating around the fireplace. A tall fireplace can also add privacy to a pool or hot tub by blocking the view from neighbors.

Avoid the Dangers of DIY Fireplaces

Many stores are now offering DIY outdoor fireplace kits. In reality, most of these are nothing more than small chiminea fire pits. They don’t provide much warmth or light. Larger DIY kits might be more effective, but they still have problems. Placing one stone incorrectly can result in a lopsided façade or weak foundation.

By contacting Loomis Landscaping, you get professional installation of a quality fireplace. You won’t have to do any of the hard work. You will also have the chance to customize your fireplace with our designers, something you won’t get from a DIY kit.

Get a free cost estimate & landscaping consultation for an outdoor fireplace from Loomis Landscaping.
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