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Patios, driveways, and paths built with hardscaping pavers are a beautiful way to create a low-maintenance and functional outdoor space.

If pavers are installed incorrectly it can create drainage problems, trip hazards, and an eyesore.

Highly experienced paver installers at Loomis Landscaping design and build attractive and durable paver patios on residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Milwaukee area. As a full-service landscape and hardscape design company, we plan carefully and prepare the foundation properly.

Visit our project gallery to see more examples of our work, and contact Loomis Landscaping today for a free consultation. We’re happy to answer your questions, recommend materials and provide a free estimate for paver installation.

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Benefits of Pavers vs. Asphalt and Concrete

Popular Types of Pavers

These types of pavers are among the most popular being used indoors or outdoors today: 

  • Flagstone pavers 
  • Thin brick pavers
  • Bluestone pavers

Flagstone Pavers

Wisconsin New Berlin Flagstone Pavers on Driveway

Flagstone pavers are a popular option for quite a few reasons. First, they have a classic, natural look that could go with virtually any style whether indoors or outdoors. Flagstone pavers are acid-resistant which means that they can be laid straight on top of soil without aggregates or concrete. This makes installation easier than some other types of pavers. Flagstones are also very dense with a low-absorption. This means that they are durable in all types of weather.  Flagstone pavers have a non-slip surface, which makes them perfect for patios or even poolside. Overall, they’re a very durable, low-maintenance paver that will add beauty to your home.

Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone pavers are durable like flagstone pavers. They are a natural and quarried product, and the deeper the bluestone is quarried the darker the color will be. These pavers are easily installed, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are very cost-effective. Although bluestone is not naturally non-slip like flagstones, a non-slip finished can be applied to make them suitable for poolside use. Bluestone is beautiful and a widely sought-after product, but they are not available everywhere so they tend to be more expensive than thin brick pavers and flagstone pavers.

Thin Brick Pavers

Thin bricks are a popular choice because of their look and the amount of colors that are available. However, they are specially designed for remodeling purposes. That means that they cannot go on any surface like the flagstone can. However, they are perfect to place on existing concrete, tiles or acrylic surfaces. They are also less expensive than standard pavers due to their size. They are very easy to install and more non-slip than concrete.  Overall, this choice values aesthetic over durability but it’s still more durable than asphalt and concrete.

Choosing the Best Paver for Your Project

At Loomis Landscaping we will suggest the best paver for your application, but ultimately, we’ll use the paver of your choice. In some designs, we’ll suggest the use of multiple types of pavers for different purposes. Whether you're installing a retaining wall or scheduling any other hardscape design, Loomis Landscaping will make sure your paver-made structure creates a stunning look for your outdoor area.

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