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Landscaping Pergola in Southeast Wisconsin

Pergolas make for beautiful outdoor seating areas.

Loomis Landscaping designs, builds, and installs pergolas at homes across southeast Wisconsin. A type of gazebo, our pergolas are open lattice structures meant to create shaded space outdoors through trained plant growth. Our landscapers design modern pergolas for Wisconsin homeowners who want to add more green to their yards while expanding their outdoor living space.

Best Climbing Plants for Growing on Pergolas

Vines Flowers
  • Cross vine (bignonia)
  • Trumpet vine
  • Grapevines
  • Hydrangea vine
  • Ivy
  • Honeysuckle
  • Bougainvillea
  • Roses
  • Clematis
  • Wisteria

There are many climbing plants suitable for growing even in Wisconsin weather. Ask our landscapers for more information on which plants would work best in your yard. As the plants grow they provide more shade beneath the pergola.

Pergolas: Combing Gazebo, Trellis, and Arbor Structures for a Shaded Outdoor Area

Pergolas mix the best qualities of gazebos, trellises, and arbors to create one great garden feature. Pergolas are smaller than gazebos, able to fit into any size yard. They are also easier to construct and more affordable. The lattice of the pergola is just like a larger trellis or arbor, promoting climbing plant growth.

One of the benefits of pergolas is providing a naturally shaded area in your yard. This makes pergolas a great addition for homes with outdoor kitchens and fire pits. You can host friends and family outdoors without giving everyone sunburn.

Unlike arbors, which are made with built-in benches, pergolas do not have always seating. Ask our designers how to incorporate seating into your pergola. There are many different dimensions we can use to provide the exact size space you want for hosting outdoors.

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Landscaping Design Services Maximize the Outdoors

Milwaukee Pergola Designed by Loomis Landscaping

We designed & built this pergola for a local Wisconsin trade show.

Along with pergolas, Loomis Landscaping designs and installs:

We can combine these features with your new pergola to make your yard a green paradise.

*Note: Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces should be spaced away from pergolas to avoid smoke and flame damaging the climbing plants.

Loomis Landscaping does traditional landscaping and hardscaping across southeast Wisconsin. From lawn mowing to landscape repair, we are the experts at maintaining your outdoor spaces. We offer:

  • Drainage correction
  • Grading correction
  • Paver restoration
  • Retaining wall repair

Beautify your home with a new pergola designed, built, and installed by Loomis Landscaping professionals. Start with a free landscaping consultation to learn how we can improve your yard.

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