Retaining Wall Design and Installation near Milwaukee

 Our Waterford Hardscape Experts Stabilize Your Landscape with Retaining Walls

retaining wall build Waterford, WI

Loomis Landscaping helps you protect your home and landscape from ground collapse and erosion damage with attractive retaining walls engineered for long-term stability and durability. Our Wisconsin hardscape professionals evaluate your property to determine the most effective retaining wall to keep your landscape in place.

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We have the expertise to design and install any type of retaining wall, including:

  • Anchored retaining walls: Built in any style, these retaining walls use reinforcements to anchor into rock or earth.
  • Cantilevered retaining walls: Requiring less material, these T-shaped retaining walls are built from concrete, masonry or steel.
  • Gravity retaining walls: Gravity retaining walls can be built from brick, concrete or natural stone. These walls use their weight to hold back the soil behind them.
  • Sheet pile retaining walls: Ideal for small spaces and soft ground, these retaining walls are made from wood, vinyl planks or steel and vertically inserted into the ground.

We’ll assess the layout, soil and drainage of your yard to select the best retaining wall for you. From there, our Waterford hardscape team will work with you to design a beautifully crafted wall in keeping with the style of your home. Contact our Wisconsin hardscaping experts today for a free quote on your new retaining wall.

Increase Your Property Value with an Attractive Retaining Wall

At Loomis Landscaping, we see retaining walls as long-term structures designed to protect and enhance the aesthetics of your property. We build every retaining wall with high-quality materials to reinforce the structure and add a stunning focal point to your landscape. As a result, you’ll watch the property value of your home increase.

Our most popular retaining wall materials from Waterford to Waukesha to Milwaukee include:

  • Blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Treated wood timbers

We offer these materials in a variety of colors and styles. Need inspiration? Check out some of the striking retaining walls we’ve completed throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

The Waterford Landscaper Southeast Wisconsin Trusts

Our award-winning, Wisconsin retaining wall experts don’t mess around with poorly-constructed walls that just “get the job done…for now”. We recognize your home is your biggest investment and we’re committed to helping you protect it with expert craftsmanship and creative design at affordable prices.

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