Path and Walkway Installation in Waterford

Leading the Way in Walkway LandscapingDecorative brick

Incorporating walkways into your landscape design adds another level of interest to your property, connecting features such as a patio or a pool together. Paths are decorative as well as functional, created from beautiful brick, stone, or concrete. Outlining your outdoor property with a walkway also increases its value and curb appeal.

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Loomis Landscaping installs stunning walkways for homes of all sizes. We are the experts of walkway design and installation services.

Where Paths are Best Suited for Your Wisconsin Home

Determine where the path will be best suited for your property. If you have another outdoor feature, consider connecting it to your home with a walkway. Other paths also connect multiple features, unifying your property into one flowing unit. A pergola over a walkway can create a beautiful green tunnel.

Choose one or more outdoor area to install your new walkway:

Homeowners occasionally worry adding pathways to their yard will make landscaping more difficult to maintain. On the contrary, having clear pathways make it easier to work on a garden or inspect your property.

Walkways Crafted from Durable Materials

Our Waterford landscaping experts provide walkways made of top-grade materials able to withstand harsh weather and consistent use. This includes:

  • Brick – sturdy in structure and resists fading
  • Natural stone – a perfect addition to outdoor rustic decor
  • Concrete – colorful and versatile

If you already have brick, stone, or concrete incorporated into your property, our experts will help you select a complimentary style to improve the aesthetic of your yard. Brick and stone can both be installed in a segmented pathway while concrete can be stamped to resemble bricks. All three are extremely durable.

Depending on the type of medium used, we also feature different cutout shapes. These are ideal for placing around a pool deck, patio, or play area:

  • Circle
  • Square
  • Octagon
  • Custom

With a professional eye for style and quality, our contractors build outdoor paths that fit your property’s layout and won’t crack or crumble. Count on us for exceptional results on your landscape upgrade.

Whatever your decision, know that Loomis Landscaping does remarkable work. We transform outdoor properties into masterpieces, showing off your yard with our professional abilities. Have your next walkway designed and installed with us.

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