5 Things You MUST DO in Prepping Your Backyard for Summer

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Summer in Wisconsin is right around the corner, or, at least, we sure hope it is! Though our spring days have been less than stellar, starting to prep your backyard for that upcoming sunny weather might just be what the doctor ordered.

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Cheer yourself up in welcoming summer early, and the hot days might come sooner than you think. Get your backyard ‘beach-body’ ready.

Now. Like right now. 

1.      Whip that Patio Furniture into Shape

You heard us! Uncover and inspect the old patio furniture that was tucked away in storage for what seems like decades ago. Sit on all of the chairs to make sure your bum doesn’t fall through. Rust can easily be removed with sandpaper or special store-bought chemicals. Wipe off other furniture with a damp cloth. Gross outdoor furniture will definitely deflate the fun from your next family barbecue.

If you find your patio pieces just can’t survive another summer, ditch them and invest in some high-quality furniture. Several home improvement stores offer patio furniture sales right as the summer’s about to begin. Take advantage of those sales and shop around. If you’d rather not break the bank, purchase only a few pieces. Small backyard upgrades go a long way.

2.      Give Your Patio or Deck a Facelift

The main foundation of your backyard cookouts, graduation parties, and Fourth of July festivities is your patio or deck. Over time, the surface will start to look a little sad; showing cracks, fading wood finish, and crumbling pieces.

Show your backyard structure some love and give Loomis a call. Our landscape repair services give your patio, outdoor kitchen, pavers, and other hardscapes a new lease on life.

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3.      Jazz Up Your Outdoor Living Space with Accessories

Why not bring a splash of color into the mix? If your old patio cushions, rugs, and pillows are giving off a boring and drab vibe, add some pop color to freshen up your backyard pad. Add multi-colored placemats, chevron-printed pillows, and a basic-colored rug to pull everything together.

Like we’ve said before - small upgrades go a long way.

4.      Keep It Hot…and Cold

Face it. Patios and decks are meant to show off your grilling skills. No reason why you shouldn’t flaunt your patio as long as you’re at it.

Wipe off and drag out the grill. Those beautiful, juicy hamburgers won’t grill themselves. If your beloved grill has seen better days, buy one that will last you a while. You already know you’ll get your money’s worth.  And those hamburgers will taste that much better.

Patio chairs and tables make sense for outside, but don’t forget the umbrella! Not only does an umbrella provide shade; it also protects the outdoor furniture from fading. Keeping everything outside under the sun for an extended period of time slowly sucks the color out of upholstery. When you’re not using the patio furniture and the umbrella is closed, throw a cover over it. It’ll keep all the pieces looking like new.

5.      Spruce Up Your Lawn and Garden

Stop living your life driving by the neighbors’ lawn - sobbing about how their lawn looks so much better than yours.

Chances are, they had Loomis’ landscape maintenance care do all the dirty work for them, and you can too. We offer mulching, mowing, planting, trimming, and aeration services; done to the perfection of our abled experts. Give us a call at (414) 243-9360 to get started. Your lawn will look so good, the neighbors will be convinced it’s fake. 

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