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Know Your City's Rules for Stress-Free Cookout Sessions

fire pit for outdoor use

Depending on your street address, there are certain fire pit regulations you must follow. Before you go enjoying your beautifully-crafted outdoor fire pit from Loomis Landscaping, know where and what you can burn.

We’ve handpicked four major cities in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, each with slightly different rules. Choose your city, or click here for an expanded list of Wisconsin counties and fire department information.

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City of Milwaukee

  • Burner must be 15 ft. or more away from any flammable construction; cooking devices such as charcoal or gas grills are exempt
  • Burning must be in an approved covered or screened container, made of metal, brick, or concrete
  • Fire pit area must be supervised at all times and properly extinguished when finished
  • Suitable material for extinguishing must be accessible

Learn more about the city of Milwaukee’s fire regulations.

City of Racine

  • Outdoor grills, braziers, and others must be approved by fire chief
  • Outdoor fireplaces must be approved by fire chief and chief building inspector
  • Outdoor fireplaces should not be used when weather conditions are hazardous (windy or dry conditions)
  • Do not burn waste, plastic, leather, fuels, or other hazardous materials

Find out more about the city of Racine’s grill and outdoor fire pit rules.

City of Waukesha

  • Fire area must be 25 ft. away from any structure or building
  • Fire must be completely extinguished after use
  • A water source must be present at all times during burning
  • Burning must be attended by an 18+ adult at all times
  • Do not burn garbage, litter, or other trash

Discover more about the city of Waukesha’s outdoor fire regulations.

City of Mequon

  • Fire area must be 75 ft. away from any building or structure
  • Fire must be contained in an approved container with an attached cover
  • An adult must attend fire at all times
  • Burning must be completely extinguished after use

Learn more about the city of Mequon’s outdoor fire pit rules.

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Knowing your city’s outdoor fire pit and burning regulations is important, especially during the summer months, when hotter temperatures become threatening fire-starters. You want to enjoy your nighttime bonfires, not find the local authorities at your front door.

Fire Pit Design & Installation from Landscaping Professionals

Outdoor fire pits are a great way to warm up on cool summer nights and crisp fall evenings. It also adds at-home comfort and style. Our outdoor living designers work with you to beautify and make the most out of your space. Once you’ve selected the desired design, we install the finished product in the front or backyard. All that remains is for you and your family to enjoy the new custom fire pit.

We at Loomis Landscaping transform your dull backyard into a relaxing sanctuary. Our professional fire pit installation, along with lawn mowinghardscaping, landscape repair, and lawn care services, are the perfect solutions in maintaining a gorgeous outdoor living space. Be the envy of your neighbors.

Contact our outdoor fire pit installation experts at Loomis Landscaping today.

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