Summer’s Winding down, but Your Outdoor Fun Doesn’t Have To

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The summer's been great and your outdoor living space has had its fair share of relaxing, entertaining, and children running wild. Fall's approaching and weekends will be busy with the kid's sports games or raking the yard, and getting ready for winter, right? You may think it's time to start thinking about getting your outdoor living area ready for the winter to come. Don't. There's plenty of time before the first snowfall - even the first frost. Think again.

It's a trend taking the nation by storm, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), says, home owners are renovating their patios and outdoor spaces to make them comfortable for use all year long. In Wisconsin, it may not be all year long, but extending the use of your patio late into the fall and early in the spring makes your investment even more enjoyable.

Consider Function, Add Lighting Features

Think function. Adding light features near steps, stairways, dining areas, cooking areas, and railing posts make your patio more useful when the night starts to come much more quickly during the fall. You and your guests will be more comfortable and safe during the dark evenings. Adding these light features will also highlight your dining and cooking areas, making your outdoor kitchen and dining more enjoyable and functional.

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Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire-Pit

It's becoming a must-have for all patios, especially in the Midwest. One way to cozy up your patio for the fall is to install an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace made of paver stones is not only a beautiful addition to your outdoor space; it makes your patio a three-season addition to your home. Fireplaces also add an ambiance you can't create with anything else. You may think, "Wow, it sounds like an expensive addition to my patio". You may be surprised by the cost-effective designs and solutions available.

Other Heat Sources

Maybe a fireplace or fire-pit is too much of an investment or too much work right now. There are other options available to keep your patio warm this fall. Portable patio heaters are a popular choice for homeowners choosing against outdoor fireplaces.

Small, four-foot models can usually be acquired from popular hardware stores for under $100 and usually heat an area from three to five feet in diameter, keeping you and your guests nice and cozy.

Larger models around seven feet tall are available for under $200 and usually heat a 12-foot diameter. They usually run on propane. Depending on the size, you'll be able to use the same propane tank from your grill or for smaller models, camping-sized propane tanks work perfectly.

Whether you decide to go with a fireplace, fire-pit, or patio heater, adding a heat source will do wonders for your patio; not just by adding warmth, but creating a comfortable outdoor getaway you look forward to coming home to - even on chilly evenings.

Decrease Maintenance

If you choose a low-maintenance lawn with native plants not needing time-consuming upkeep and watering, you'll be able to spend your fall evenings and weekends enjoying your landscape -; not maintaining it.

Multi-Media Entertainment

This can be done in a couple ways:

  1. Go wireless, so you can take your laptop, tablet, or smart TV outside to enjoy a flick.
  2. Look into investing an outdoor-friendly projector and screen combined with an audio system suitable for outdoor use to turn your backyard into a relaxing movie theater, just steps from your door.

Either of these options mixed with the lighting and/or fireplace options above makes your patio a destination sure to attract friends, family, and neighbors. It's also a big plus if you have children.

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SAFETY NOTE: Always consider proper ventilation of fumes or smoke when enclosing a patio containing a heat source. If you are unsure if your space if safe, contact a professional or call us at (414) 243-9360.

Think Decor, Think Style

Fall is the perfect time to switch up your outdoor decor - from pumpkins and gourds to pinecones and colorful leaves. Decor is the ultimate mood-setter, to changing up a few things here and there can go a long way.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting can also add to the fall ambiance you create. By adding more ambient lighting, (along with your functional lighting) you can simply increase the environment you create.

Durable Necessities

Changing up your cushions to more durable ones and maybe more festive ones creates a comfortable place for you and your guests to sit. By adding durability, it minimizes the maintenance and allows you to keep them outdoors.

Consider investing in a few outdoor blankets to add to the cozy atmosphere you're creating.

Not matter what you choose, adding pumpkins, lights, blankets, cushions, and other decor lets you get creative and ultimately makes your space pop with style.

Activities To Warm You Up

Don't forget about the multi-functional capabilities of your patio. Your patio use depends on your lifestyle. Whether you're an early-riser who likes to read the paper with a warm cup of coffee in the morning, or a night owl who enjoys hosting get-togethers, make your patio cater to you.

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Throw a Party

Fall can get chilly, and, yes this may sound strange, but inviting a large number of people over (and their body heat) to enjoy the big game or to celebrate an occasion is a great idea. Everyone keeps everyone warm. Add some warm beverages (hard or soft) and food into the mix and relax (or get rowdy) watching your favorite team or celebrating the occasion. Whatever it is, everyone will be warm, cozy and having fun.

Enjoy Your Piece of Wisconsin This Fall

Patios are a versatile addition to any home. If you have one, are in the process of getting one, or are thinking about getting one, take these tips into consideration. Getting the maximum use out of your patio during the year maximizes the return on your investment. Don't let the chilly weather keep you indoors. Take these simple tips and steps, put them to use, and enjoy your patio this fall.

As always, our experts are here to help; give us a call at (414) 243-9360 for more information.


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