Milwaukee Lawn Aeration Services

Professional Aerating from Local Landscaping Company Keeps Soil & Plants Healthywatering small plants in moist dirt

Loomis Landscaping provides lawn aeration services for Milwaukee area residents and commercial property owners. Keeping your lawn healthy and plants beautiful requires extra care before the spring season arrives. Our landscaping experts know how to properly aerate lawns of all sizes - maintaining plant color, growth consistency, and overall health. It also yields several benefits to your outdoor property.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact Loomis Landscaping lawn aeration services today for a free consultation.

Is Aerating Your Lawn Worth It?

Our Wisconsin landscaping experts highly recommend aerating your lawn in early spring. Your lawn’s soil becomes compacted over winter from snow and ice, which reduces natural water drainage. This harms the grass and plants growing within the soil when spring arrives.

Properly aerating the soil features several benefits  since aerating:

  • Improves overall soil health by releasing air, nutrients, & water deep into plant roots
  • Builds up the soil’s immunity to insects, flooding, & disease

We are the local Wisconsin lawn aeration experts – it’s better to trust a professional than try it yourself. We’ve seen too many DIY attempts accidentally ruin entire lawns. Contact Loomis Landscaping for a free aeration consultation today!

Landscaping Experts Maintain Every Aspect of Your Lawn Year-Round

Our Milwaukee lawn aeration services also provide an array of other landscaping specialties to create a beautiful outdoor living space all your own. Whether you need a brand new patio installed or outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard pond, Loomis Landscaping provides all the above.

We feature the following outdoor management, repair, and installation services:

Get the outdoor property you’ve always wanted. Our Wisconsin landscaping company specializes in everything you need to keep your front- and backyard looking healthy. Call our landscape designers for more information on lawn aeration cost and service details.

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