Professional Mulching Services in Milwaukee

Keep Your Outdoor Plants Healthy & Looking Fresh with Loomis Landscapingshredded wood mulch

Planting greenery and flowers around your outdoor property is a great way to naturally dress-up the exterior of your home! Whether you want an elaborate display or a simple spread of your favorite flowers, mulch renders several benefits for your planting goals and fits any-size property. It also provides a clean background for your prized annuals and perennials.

Loomis Landscaping offers organic mulch delivery and spreading services to locals who want to up their gardening game. Natural mulch provides all types of benefits for plants and makes your property look flawless. Trust our Milwaukee mulch spreading professionals for friendly service, affordable prices, and breathtaking results.

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Different Types of Organic Mulch

There are dozens of different types of mulch, and each offers a similar set of benefits. Need help deciding which mulch type you need? Give Loomis Landscaping a call and our mulch experts will determine which product is right for your plants.

Popular natural mulches include:  

Shredded Bark

  • Very common
  • Completely affordable
  • Great for graded terrain with slopes & hills
  • Slows down the decomposition

Wood Chips

  • Lowers soil pH acidity
  • High in carbon, beneficial for the soil
  • Available in a variety of wood types
  • Attracts bugs, especially termites

Shredded Leaves

  • Local creation of mixed leaf compost
  • Conserves water & prohibits weed growth
  • Assists perennials in the winter by regulating temperature

Benefits of Installing Organic Mulch

With so many mulch options available, it can be hard to pick one. No matter the type of mulch you choose, your garden plants are guaranteed to receive the nutrient-replenishment they need throughout the entire growing season. Mulch also makes your property look well-manicured.

Our mulch installation and spreading services give your plants A-list treatment, and benefits your property by:

-Holding in moisture

-Deterring & stopping weed growth

-Increasing plant growth & fertility

-Repelling soil erosion

Why Should I Hire a Landscaping Company for Mulching Services?

Who wants to spread mulch on a hot summer day? You certainly don’t. With Loomis Landscaping, we do all the work, so you don’t have to. Our mulch professionals deliver and spread your choice of mulch around flower beds, planters, gardens, and more! 

  • We’re the experts in selecting the right mulch for your outdoor property
  • Spreading mulch by yourself is way too much work
  • We deliver mulch right to your front door
  • Need mulch for edging, a pathway, or garden bed? We’ll take care of it

Aside from mulching, we also feature lawn aeration, planting, patio installation, outdoor living design, and much more. Trust Loomis Landscaping for all of your outdoor landscaping ideas, visions, and dreams.

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