We Repair Other Contractors' Mistakes

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Loomis Landscaping has years of experience in fixing mistakes made by contractors and do-it-yourselfers. We fix drainage problems, grading issues, retaining walls, and more. We approach landscape repairs the same way we approach every other aspect of our business – with a client-first mentality.

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Waterford Landscape Repair Expertise

We’ll meet with you to determine the severity of your issue and learn more about what you want. We’ll ask questions giving us the perfect understanding of your expectations and needs. No job is too big or too small, so contact Loomis Landscaping today to set up a free landscape repair consultation with no strings attached. 

We repair the following landscape applications:

  • Driveways
  • Stairs & patios
  • Outdoor fire pits & fireplaces
  • Retaining walls
  • Lawn drainage
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Walkways
  • Yard grading

Whether you have a cracked driveway, broken retaining wall, or lawn drainage issue, we thoroughly fix and repair your landscape to make it look brand new again. Your Southeastern Wisconsin property is important to you, so leave it in the good hands of Loomis Landscaping.

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Cracked or Broken Driveway Repair

A damaged driveway is a real eyesore. Not only does it lower the property’s value, it can damage your vehicles. Even if the driveway was shaped with the toughest of materials, time takes its toll as general wear and tear breaks it down.

Factors that contribute to driveway damage include:  

-Improper installation

-Too much weight

-Standing water

-Invasive tree roots

-Excessive shoveling

-Rock salt

Give your driveway some much needed TLC with our driveway repair services. You’re one step away from increasing your property’s value and curb appeal!

Drainage & Grading Corrections

If you have a wet basement, standing or flowing water in your yard, chances are you need the help of a professional. The experts at Loomis Landscaping have been solving drainage issues for over 15 years. Letting these issues sit may potentially result in a costly repair to your basement or crawlspace.

Having the correct slope and gutter or swale drainage, gravity will do its job and move the water away from your home. Schedule a free consultation today from Wisconsin’s top landscape repair company, Loomis Landscaping.

Our first step is to identify the issue; to figure out why your lawn or garden has a drainage problem. Some of the initial things we’ll look at include:

  • Analyzing your downspouts to see how much water your lawn is expected to absorb
  • We’ll check the soil along the foundation of your home to see if you have the correct slope or grade to encourage proper drainage
  • We’ll look for standing or running water and its source

It’s important to know the cause of the issue before any repairs are made. After we determine the source of your drainage problem, we’ll develop a plan to fix the issue(s) for good.

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Retaining Wall RepairRetaining Walls

Building and installing hardscapes, especially a quality retaining wall requires knowledge in how gravity reacts with the material being retained – whether it’s soil, gravel, or something else. At Loomis Landscaping, we’ve seen a lot of poorly built and designed retaining walls, but the good thing is, retaining walls is one of our main specialties.

We know how to build gorgeous long-lasting retaining walls, and we also know how to fix poorly built ones. During the initial consultation, we’ll inspect every aspect of your damaged retaining wall and develop a personalized plan to fix it in the most economical and efficient way.

Other Repairs

We have the ability to repair just about anything related to your landscape, including: pavers, patios, stairs, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and more. Reach out to us today and Loomis Landscaping will provide a full, no-obligation estimate for your property.

We also provide commercial and residential landscape maintenance services in Milwaukee and the surrounding area.

Contact Loomis Landscaping for landscape repair in the Milwaukee area.
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