Wisconsin’s Best Winter Care and Prep Services

Make the Upcoming Winter Season Stress-FreeSnow Plowing Salting Milwaukee Winter

Loomis Landscaping will help you prep your yard and patio for the winter months. We help with fall (and spring) cleanups. We’ll get your perennials ready for hibernation and take care of any other lawn and garden chores. Whether we’re needed for residential or commercial services, we understand how valuable your time is, so leave your winter prep to the pros at Loomis Landscaping.

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Winter’s dormancy is also the ideal time to reimagine your landscape’s trees and shrubs. The expert trimming we provide will reshape your landscape and get it ready for the next year's sunshine. 

Besides winter preparations, we work through the cold seasons, too! Slippery sleet, ice, and snow are a dangerous mix during the Wisconsin winters. You want your outdoor property to remain safe throughout the season. Count on Loomis Landscaping with our winter care services to maintain a safe environment for your family and employees to drive and walk on. We can also make your property shine with festive lighting all winter long.

Outdoor Property Snow Maintenance

While lawn and garden maintenance is something we don’t do during the winter months in Wisconsin, we still work on existing (and even new) projects throughout the winter. Your plants might be taking a rest, but it doesn't mean we do!

Our winter care services include: 

  • Snow removal
  • Snow salting
  • Holiday/Christmas lighting

De-icing and salt spreading servicesMilwaukee Snow Removal Services for Safe Traveling

Our Wisconsin winters are not for the weak, and especially for the sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Removing snow on your own puts you and your family’s health at risk. No one wants to spend the holidays in a cast from slipping on ice.

Hire Loomis Landscaping’s commercial and residential snow removal services! The cold weather outdoor services we provide are the perfect alternative to clearing the snow yourself. Our winter care specialists efficiently remove snow, keeping it away from your driveway and sidewalks for a safer environment. Don’t stress your body or your wallet when you can trust the professionals to do the work for you.

De-icing & Salting Application for Homes & Businesses

Forget messing around with ice picks and salt; leave it to the snow salting specialists at Loomis Landscaping. From chipping away ice to spreading salt, we do it all so you don’t have to.

We offer the following de-icing services:

  • Scraping
  • Spreading salt mixture
  • Application of other ice-melting chemicals

Don’t wait until winter settles in; give our salting and de-icing services a call today to save time and money. Make the upcoming snowy season stress-free!

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Spreading Joy with Wisconsin Holiday Lighting ServicesOutdoor Christmas lighting services for homes and businesses

Decorating your home or business for the holiday season requires a lot of extra time; time you might not have. We at Loomis Landscaping are proud to offer southeastern Wisconsin residents with outdoor holiday lighting installation and let you get back to shopping, baking, and sending out greeting cards.

Loomis’ holiday lighting services include:

  • Installing lights on roofline, walkway, driveway, front-door arch, etc.
  • Intertwine lights around wreaths, garland, & other greenery
  • Light up surrounding trees & shrubs

Our holiday/Christmas lighting services work with a wide range of decorations:

  • Solid, multi-colored, or white lights
  • Lights with intricate shapes & designs (snowflakes, icicles, etc.)
  • Figurines
  • Spotlights

Count on Loomis Landscaping for all of your property’s winter care needs. Whether you need snow removal, salt spreading, or holiday lighting services for your home or business, look to us for professional-grade results. We’ll leave you with a smile that will last the entire winter season.

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