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Meticulous Lawn & Garden Care for Racine Countylawn mower

Waterford homes & businesses can easily manage their lawn and garden with the licensed experts at Loomis Landscaping. We provide all kinds of outdoor maintenance services to beautify your property, while letting you sit back and relax.

Our garden and landscape services include:

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You’re busy. We get it. The last thing you want to do is spend your weekend mowing, mulching, and planting. Let our Waterford landscaping company take care of it for you, so you can do the things you actually want to do.  

Outdoor Living Design & Installation

Reconnecting with nature is important. Whether it’s relaxing on your own backyard deck or taking a break on the office patio during lunch, spending time outdoors relieves the busyness and stress of the day. Installing an outdoor fire pit, water feature, or specialty lighting system are simple additions to dramatically improve your quality of life.

Loomis Landscaping can transform your outdoor property into a tranquil sanctuary. Our experienced outdoor design and installation crew builds beautiful layouts to maximize the aesthetics and use of space.

We provide the following design and installation services:

Hardscape Construction for Fox River Homes & Businesses

Burlington home with new walkway

Sound and reliable patios, decks, and driveways aren’t easy to come by. The need for fast results at low price have led to many cut corners from dishonest paver companies. The result is shoddy work and nothing but a headache for property owners.

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You don’t have to worry about underwhelming services or crooked contractors with Loomis Landscaping. We pride ourselves in honest work and meticulous project completion, giving you the best landscaping services Waterford has to offer.

As a trusted hardscape design and installation company, we use the following materials for constructed strength and durability:

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Brick

Loomis Landscaping offers a variety of hardscape projects for homes and businesses. With our immense attention to detail and honest pricing, we give you an incredible value that can be experienced day after day. Our quality craftsmanship lies beneath the following offered projects:

We build the bridge that connects you with nature. Check out our finished landscape project gallery and see why we’re the best of the best.

Waterford Landscape & Drainage System Repair

You shoveled out serious cash for top-notch landscaping and hardscape installation, but that other company you hired led you to believe that DIY-ing was your best alternative for future projects.

What about DIY landscaping?

If you go the DIY route, you’ll quickly find costs adding up as you have to buy more and more tools to get the job done. You’ll also face a lot of physical labor when you could be enjoying life instead. Loomis Landscaping has the tools and professional training to get outdoor projects done right, the first time. We also repair broken or incomplete jobs the other guys left behind, including:

  • Uneven driveway
  • Lawn drainage issues
  • Unfinished retaining wall
  • Broken patio

Don’t let damaged or unfinished projects go unnoticed. Contact our drainage system and landscaping repair professionals at Loomis Landscaping now!

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Waterford Winter Care Services

snow shoveling

When the mercury drops, no one wants to de-ice or shovel snow outside. Snowfall is pretty and enchanting, but carting it around in Wisconsin’s cold temps is not how you should enjoy it.

Experience the magic of winter and stay inside; Loomis Landscaping provides winter care services for Waterford residents and business owners. From basic snow removal to salting, and even holiday lighting, we’ve got it all!

Our winter landscaping services in Waterford include:

Loomis Landscaping covers all of your bases with landscape and garden maintenance. We provide all services for both residential and commercial outdoor properties, which reflects our talent in getting projects done, and done right.

Get a free landscaping quote & consultation for your Waterford residential or commercial property.
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