Big Bend Brick Retaining Wall and Landscaping

Big Bend brick retaining wall and lawn installation from Loomis Landscaping

Professional Retaining Wall Installation

A residential property in Big Bend, Wisconsin, needed a brick retaining wall for a better look and aesthetic on the sloping hill. The bricks were placed carefully, bark was spread to fill-in the plant beds, and new grass was installed at the landing. The new retaining wall made the lawn easily accessible from the top of the driveway to the bottom of the hill. This unified the entire property and increased its level of class. 

The brick installation experts at Loomis Landscaping are pure masters at their craft. With affordable pricing and friendly service, we are the best hardscape and softscape business in the state. Aside from retaining walls, you can upgrade your outdoor property with our patio, walkway, driveway, deck, and outdoor kitchen installation services.

Call Loomis Landscaping for our retaining wall installation services and be the envy of your neighborhood!
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