Landscape Design for Waterford Residents

Retaining walls, water fountains, and garden landscape for Waterford properties

Your Landscaping Ideas Got You This Far. We’ll Take You the Rest of the Way.

It’s a safe assumption to say people love a great view. That’s why people live near mountains, why homes next to the ocean cost more and why you’re considering landscaping your property. The idea for your yard doesn’t have to be just an idea. With the right craftsman, what you’ve envisioned will become a tangible reality. Loomis Landscaping IS that craftsman.

With Loomis Landscaping, your property will become a work of art. People will marvel whenever they’re lucky enough to be invited over. Visiting your home will be the highlight of their day.

For this Waterford landscaping design, we masterfully crafted a retaining wall adorned with choice plants. A multi-level patio was created and a water fountain installed. Instead of a hum-drum backyard, this customer has their own imagined work of art to look at whenever they go outside.

What landscaping ideas do you have for your yard? Tell Loomis Landscaping and make your home improvement dreams come true.

Contact the Waterford landscape design specialists at Loomis Landscaping and schedule your free consultation today.
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